how to videos

From: Scrivener, Laurie L.
Sent: Friday, August 21, 2020 3:32 PM
Subject: how to videos

Dear Colleagues,

I’ve finished several more videos to support library instruction. Please share this email with your faculty and graduate students.

I’ve published them all to the MyMedia site, under “Libraries”, and these are the direct links:

I’m not sure if you can see the embed codes for Canvas, or only I can, so please let me know if you need that information.

I think these cover a great deal of what I cover in face-to-face classes, except for the very class-specific information. If students watch the videos, then the class can be focused on the course topic.

If I make any more videos, I’ll let you know.


update on the library

From: Scrivener, Laurie L.
Sent: Monday, August 17, 2020 5:12 PM
Subject: update on the library

Dear Library Representatives,

Please forward this e-mail with updates on the library to your faculty and graduate students.

    • The library re-opened on August 3rd. For details on library changes, see this page, which is linked to in the blue bar on the library homepage. A few highlights:
        • As with the rest of campus, masks are required, and spaces have been marked off to encourage social distancing.
        • No food will be allowed in the library, but drinks with lids are permitted. The Bookmark coffee shop is closed.
        • Many services are by appointment only.
      • Many of the free trials of electronic book resources from vendors (available last spring and over much of the summer), such as the HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service, have now expired.
      • I will be working from home during the pandemic. I’m still very much available, however!
      • A browser extension, called Lean Library, is now available to help connect you to library owned materials. A handout is attached. I have found it useful when something like a Chronicle of Higher Education article is posted in social media, and I don’t want to go back to the library page to get to it. It’s also great if you come across a JSTOR or other database article while just surfing the web.
          • With Lean Library, a small window pops up telling you that the library has access to the material you are viewing. Click on “get access” to view the material without having to go back to the library’s homepage. It’s brand new, so we haven’t figured out all the quirks. For example, it popped up for me when I was viewing an ebook that I had found through the library’s homepage (so clearly I didn’t need to be told it was available.) 
            • UPDATE FOR BLOG: There are known issues with Firefox and Lean Library. Please see this link for a video on how to fix this isue.

    If you have any questions about the library, please let me know.

    Please forward this e-mail with updates on the library to your faculty and graduate students.


    Lean-Library-Public-Handout (1).3410

    full text sources update from the library

    From: Scrivener, Laurie L.
    Sent: Wednesday, April 15, 2020 2:56 PM
    Subject: full text sources update from the library

    Dear Colleagues,

    The list of full text resources continues to grow. Today, resources from Bloomsbury Digital Resources, DPLA Open Bookshelf, and Gale Primary Sources were added. Don’t forget there are also many ebooks available through JSTOR, HathiTrust, and others on the list.

    Please note that the sources on the guide marked with an asterisk have records in Discover (not Discover Local). This means you can search for what you need in one source rather than going through every link. Notice there isn’t an asterisk next to everything, and if you have any trouble at all, please contact me.

    Take care,

    library update – HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS)

    From: Scrivener, Laurie L.
    Sent: Thursday, April 2, 2020 11:15 AM
    Subject: library update – HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS)

    Dear Colleagues,

    The list of full text resources now includes HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS), which will provide access to about 40% of OU Libraries’ print book collection until the University Libraries is able to open again. This one is a little more complicated than some of our other resources, so if you need any help, please email me.

    HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS)

    • To access, use the link above and LOG IN (yellow button, upper right corner of your browser).  When logging in, select University of Oklahoma and provide your 4×4 and password when prompted to do so.
    • HathiTrust ETAS provides online reading access to materials; users may also download one page at a time.  Users can check out a book for one hour, and access will automatically renew at the end of the hour if the user is actively engaged with the book (turning pages/scrolling).  Only one book may be checked out at a time.  To read a book that is being used by someone else, check back periodically.  Please be courteous and return books as soon as you are done with them.
    • Users interested in learning more about ETAS should see ETAS:  Information for Users.

    Stay well!

    Library Update, 3-30-20

    From: Scrivener, Laurie L.
    Sent: Monday, March 30, 2020 10:47 AM
    Subject: Library Update, 3-30-20

    Dear Colleagues,

    As you might have heard, all library facilities are closed. This means we cannot offer Interlibrary Loan/Sooner Xpress services for physical items, nor can we scan chapters from textbooks on reserve. From the ILL/Sooner Xpress page:

    “The OU Bizzell Library is closed for the remainder of the semester.  Due to campus mail services being shut down here at OU and across the nation, physical interlibrary loan from other academic libraries is closed. The OU Libraries Sooner Xpress service and ILL requiring the scanning or shipping of physical items are now suspended. Items available electronically from the OU library and our ILL partners are still available.”

    The good news is that our list of new resources available full text continues to grow. Bookmark this page: So far, I haven’t found a great way to search each of those sites at the same time, although searching Worldcat is pretty helpful. If you want to give it a try, search for the title of a book, and look for a record for an electronic version of that book. Somewhere in the record it will usually give a URL (which may or may not work) that will include the name of the company or database providing the e-book (JSTOR, Project Muse, etc.) Or, just write me, and I’ll do the looking. Unfortunately, some titles are just not available electronically.

    FYI: I post these emails to chairs/library reps to my blog: Also, if you are on Twitter, you might want to follow @OU_Libraries for updates.

    Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Laurie Scrivener, M.L.I.S
    Associate Professor of Bibliography
    History and Area Studies Librarian
    University of Oklahoma Libraries | 405.325.1903 | @LaurieScrivener
    My Guides   

    The Library and COVID-19, update 3-23-20

    From: Scrivener, Laurie L.
    Sent: Monday, March 23, 2020 4:11 PM
    Subject: The library and COVID-19, update 3-23-20

    Dear Colleagues,

    As you probably know, the library is closed to all but a very few employees. Please see for more information. The library’s homepage has also been reconfigured.

    I am working from home, so cannot meet with you or your students in person, but am available via email, Zoom, or phone. See this page for my research guides and for a link to setting up a research consultation.

    Many library vendors are expanding access to their resources, and a guide is available here:

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


    The library and COVID-19

    From: Scrivener, Laurie L.
    Sent: Fri 3/13/2020 11:30 AM
    Subject: The library and COVID-19

    Dear Colleagues,

    Please find attached [pasted below on this blog] the library’s plan during the university’s transition to online teaching. 

    I plan on being available via email and do have access to Zoom, for those who prefer video help. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the library or its resources. I’m happy to do whatever I can to help.


    University Libraries
    COVID-19 Transition to Online – Library Plan
    March 12, 2020

    Due to the risk of COVID-19 and under the direction of the university administration, University Libraries will modify library operations beginning Friday, March 20 at 5:00 pm thru April 4 at 9:00 am as follows:

    Facility Operations

    • Bizzell Memorial Library and the Bookmark Cafe will be closed to the general public.
    • Bizzell will provide access to OU faculty/staff and graduate students:
      • Monday – Friday 7:30 am to 6:00 pm
      • Saturday – Closed
      • Sunday – Closed
    • Faculty/staff and graduate students will be required to show an OU ID to library security in order to enter the building via the west entrance only.
    • Bizzell south entrance will be closed (but available for exiting the building)
    • Public services will be limited to circulation, ILL, and self-checkout. Research assistance will be available online.
    • All events, classes and large group meetings scheduled through April 3 will be canceled.
    • OU Libraries’ maker spaces (the Edge in Bizzell and the Couch 3D Printing Lab in the Couch Residence Hall), as well as Data Analytics, Visualization & Informatics Syndicate (DAVIS) in Bizzell will be closed.
    • Branch libraries (Fine Arts, Architecture, Geology) and Special Collections (Bizzell 5th Floor Special Collections, Western History Collections in Monnet Hall, and the Chinese Literature Translation Archive in Bizzell) will be closed to public and campus users.
      • Bizzell Special Collections and Western History Collections may be available, by appointment only, to graduate students and faculty with a pressing need. We will continue to provide consultation, research assistance, and reference online, as we do for current distance users.
    • OU Libraries faculty, staff and graduate assistants will report to work with some working remotely as approved by their division head.
    • Student employees will be working limited hours in all locations as needed.  Students should be notified by their supervisors regarding schedule adjustments.
    • Library facilities will maintain spring break operating hours until this plan is activated on March 20.

    Library Fines and Renewals

    • Items that have been checked out from circulation by March 23 will be automatically renewed so that no fines will be accrued during this time.

    Library Resources

    • Undergraduates relying on reserve textbooks may request that select textbook chapters be provided via ILL. Faculty may request select textbook chapters be provided in Canvas.
    • OU Libraries is working to modify our homepage to highlight digital resources and services, specifically including:
      • Research assistance (email/phone/chat),
      • The OU Libraries artificial intelligence chatbot which is available to answer questions 24/7,
      • Research guides,
      • Online databases, and
      • ILL requests for delivery of books/articles.
      • Openly available COVID-19 resources for researchers.

    These changes will be available by the close of the library on March 20. They will also be highlighted on the OU Teach Anywhere website ( ).

    Library Help for History, Poli Sci, IAS, and Lib Sci

    Even if you’re teaching or taking classes online now, I’ll do what I can to help with library research. Please feel free to contact me via email: (actually, always feel free to do that!)

    I also have several online guides that might be useful. See

    We are definitely in uncharted territory here, but we’ll get through. Together, but, you know, 6 feet apart. 😉

    OU Libraries’ Learning Lab on Location

    From: Scrivener, Laurie L.
    Sent: Tuesday, January 14, 2020 1:50 PM
    Subject: FW: OU Libraries’ Learning Lab on Location

    Dear Colleagues,

    I’m pleased to let you know that a new service location for library research help will be available this semester. Please let your colleagues know so that they can tell their students.

    Thanks very much!

    A person standing in front of a screen

Description automatically generated


    The Learning Lab, the research help desk for University Libraries, will be holding hours in the Couch Practice Center this semester! 

    Every Tuesday at 5-8pm from January 21st to May 5th, the Learning Lab’s Research Mentors will be available to help brainstorm paper topics, evaluate sources, and, of course, provide research assistance.

    As always, we’re available in Bizzell during our regular hours.

    We’re open to students from any of the residence halls, and we look forward to seeing you there!


    Courtney Kennedy, Ph.D. and Patrick Wright, BA
    Learning Lab, Student Success Team
    Public Services, University Libraries

    Database Cancellations

    From: Scrivener, Laurie L.
    Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2019 2:07 PM
    Subject: database cancellations


    The University Libraries has completed a review of database subscriptions, identifying resources we will no longer retain in order to address continuing increases in database subscription costs and meet budget reduction targets.  The review considered resource coverage, uniqueness, alternative access, subject area value, current price and price trend, usage, cost per use, and licensing.  Cancelations will occur throughout the 2019-2020 academic year, based on renewal dates.

    The Library Database Subscriptions guide provides the list of databases identified for cancelation; these databases will also be identified within the databases & e-reference listing on the library website.  We are currently negotiating with one of our vendors, ProQuest; the outcome of these negotiations may result in additional databases being added to the cancelation list.  Questions or comments may be directed to me at While the Libraries will attempt to retain resources for which feedback is received, we must reduce our database spend and thus all feedback will be weighed against other reductions that would be required to hold down costs and meet our budget reduction target.